Taj Mahal ,Beauty of Tragic Love .

Taj Mahal means Crown of Palaces and indeed it s a crown , i have traveled a lot in my life but never saw a architectural marvel as taj mahal , It was made my Shahjahan the emperor of India for his beloved wife,

Nowadays, when i was there Govt has put a limit on the number of visitors, The Taj Mahal used to attract 70,000 visitors daily. From Jan 20th, a cap sets the number of Indian visitors over 15 years old to 40,000 a day, in two time slots. The new policy, enacted by The Archaeological Survey of India, cites environmental concerns and prevention of “stampede-like situations” as reasons for the limitation, according to The Times of India. The final verdict comes after findings from a study commissioned in 2012 recommend that the present number of tourists is stressing the load-bearing capabilities of the 17th-century architecture. There will be no limit for foreign tourists, who pay Rs 1,000 subject to change, as compared to the nationals’ fee of Rs 50.So now is the chance or you might not be able to see this magnificent building anymore ,

Beware of touts as there are plenty around, get a hotel guide from your on hotel.Overall its been a romantic visit for me,HOPE YOU GUYS FIND IT HELPFUL.


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