Fun in Shanghai Disney Land

Let’s start with a threshold question: should you visit? Most of the people i talked said they enjoyed more then expected, and found this to be a fairly common reaction among others i encountered who went for opening day. No, it’s not the best Disney park in the world–or even Asia–but it’s arguably the best opening day park with the most well-rounded attraction.

Moreover, Shanghai Disneyland has a lot of potential as it grows attracting more and more tourist . Since it is already proving very popular with guests, I assume that growth will happen sooner rather than later. If you ask me where do i put SH Disney Land i would say in the middle of the pack. In other words, I do recommend visiting, but it shouldn’t be your top priority for the international parks, nor should it be your first international park.As there are many more parks who are more beautiful ,

If you’re planning on visiting other spots in China, i recommend Guangzhou and old city of Xian if you are a history buff, Till then good bye have fun

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